Jason Ager

Family man, teacher, kick-ass songwriter

Lyric Video for the new Jason Ager single "Yours and Mine," produced by Ken Barnum at Bias Studios. Words and Music by Jason Ager, 2017. Single available for download this Fall via iTunes and CDBaby!

Jason Ager is a dedicated father, a passionate college professor, and a hyper-literate original songwriter. Balancing a PhD in German Literature with a few days a week as a stay-at-home dad, Jason still plays more than 100 shows a year in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. On his third album, Porchlight, Ager’s talent as a storyteller shines as he weaves together the academic and the arcane into clever lyrics that reward the careful listener. Nestled comfortably atop classic soul, R&B, and rock influences, songs like “Overload” and “Everybody Needs Love” epitomize Jason’s ability to rouse hearts and minds in the same breath.  

Recorded and Produced by TriTonix Recording | Audio Recorded by Puck | Edited by Daniel Lewis McGonigal | Board Audio | 10/3/2014